By Bitblonde


Had a lazy day today, long soak in the bath with a magazine, just chilling out all day.

I couldn't think of anything I wanted to photograph till I walked into my living room and saw this. This is a photograph I took about 9 years ago now. I was out one day with my brother Kenny, looking for places to photograph him and his guitar as at the time, he was in a band and wanted a cover for a C.D. he had made. We ended up in this cemetery in the middle of DUNDEE called THE HOWFF and I found this fantastic grave. It's one of these graves that is quite high off the ground.

The HOWFF is an Historic graveyard formerly the garden of Greyfriars Monastery, gifted to the people of Dundee by Mary Queen of Scots. The gravestones carry symbols of the old craft guilds.

Stuck the guitar on top and had to climb on it myself to get the shot. A lot of people don't like this picture as it's taken on a grave but I love it. It's my favorite shot I have ever taken. Thought I was being quite smart (for a blonde) when I gave it the title "SOLO".

If you look at it closely you can see me taking the shot.

Hope you have all had a nice weekend x

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