If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

A rose with a new home.

A busy day! Katkatkat is still down from Edinburgh to help with the breaking up of her Grannies bungalow now that FredaH has had to go into care.

As I said yesterday Katkatkat jumps at any chance to BBQ and this evening was no exception. So it was either another fire pit shot or a desperation shot of something else. Not being terribly keen on shots of food I avoided the shots of food cooking. I had done flames yesterday so what to blip?

Clickychick had bought her Mum a rose for her birthday which we planted in a container so that she could see it from her seat in the living room. Now the house is empty we have moved all the containers across to our house for ease of watering etc. The rose is flowering well and this is a shot of one of the open flowers. Just the shade of coral that FredaH loves so much.

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