Gillipaw's Journal

By Gillipaw

Badminton at the Emirates Stadium

Our second Commonwealth Games experience was much smoother than last Saturday's travel to Ibrox. Train into Central, a short walk to the Argyle Street low level station. Slight concern on seeing the long queue, but we moved on to the platform in just a few minutes. Seats on the train, and a ten minute walk to the Emirates Stadium.

Our first visit here, and as ever, helpful friendly staff around to keep us right. Unreserved seating, so we moved to more than one place, to get good views. Four badminton courts set up, we saw individual matches and mixed doubles, all going on at the same time. Quite intense, and hard not to be distracted from one game to another. Sadly Scotland lost their match, but our visitors were delighted to see both Singapore and Malaysia win. I must make mention of the quality "Ladies" facilities, and there were plenty of them - no queues. Geography lesson too, as we googled the locations of Norfolk Island and St Helena.

There is a smartly dressed "Clyde", with tartan troosers outside the venue, so we just had to pose beside him before getting the train home.

A bit of fun later on, when we kitted up one of our visitors in full Highland Dress. He looked great in the kilt.

And thanks for stars and hearts, and everyone who dropped by my entry yesterday of the Falkirk Wheel - it hit the Spotlight page, which hasn't happened to me in months.

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