By tomrichardson


Kya! I wrote a long explanation of this, but took so long doing so that Blipfoto must've timed out. Lost it all. :(

Short version:

Started a journalism course last week. Introductory assignment is to produce an image that represents our interests and/or 'thoughts and feelings at the start of the course'. We then have to present it to our tutors and colleagues next week. I went with this evolutionary theme, showing my route from 'undergraduate monkey' through 'bored office worker' and 'English Teacher' to 'trainee journalist' (we're not allowed to refer to ourselves as 'students'.)

Anyway, wanted to use Blipfoto as a sounding board. Any thoughts welcome.

NB. This is an incomplete version. There should be a '?' to the right of the last figure, but, as Blipfoto doesn't allow overlaying of text, you'll have to imagine it for yourself. :)

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