Learning day by day

By EmmaF


Today we spent most of it at the Boy's School at their family funday. They did trampolining and mini tramp. We all did some archery, I hit the gold which impressed the kids, then we headed for the tennis.

William really impressed the coach. He was impressed with both of them, but mostly with W and his hand eye co-ordination. His parting comment was that he would stalk me because he really wants to coach William! Well he will have the chance as next Thursday William is booked into the Tennis camp while I sort for holidays.

Back to more archery and then Carys to her ballet class and William to more trampolining. When I collected Carys from her class her teacher mentioned that next year we should maybe think about summer school for her, at the Royal Ballet! She explained that it isn't open and that you have to send photos, but she thought Carys would get in. I am slightly gobsmacked!

On to swimming and then to bed. William's teacher is away for the whole of August and he asked her when he could get his next badge, so at the end of the lesson she explained his next badge would be his stage badge and that he was almost there, but he needs to work on bigger arms for crawl and stronger legs generally. I was quite impressed by his effort today, he really listened and tried hard. Carys is going to ask her teacher next week what she needs to work on while we are away.

Was thinking about a beach day tomorrow, but the weather in North Norfolk doesn't look great so a train trip to Letchworth Splash Pools looks on the cards.

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