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Nuremberg: Church of our Lady & Beautiful Fountain

Nuremberg is Bavaria's second largest city (after Munich); it is a major industrial centre, and its medieval centre has been rebuilt after the bomb damage suffered in World War II.

Nuremberg was early to import British railway technology: the first public steam railway service in Germany, running on a six kilometer line between Nuremberg and Fuerth, was opened in 1835.

This photograph was taken in the Main Market Square (Hauptmarkt)

Church of Our Lady

Built in the 14th century in brick Gothic; small and exquisite, constructed for the celebration of imperial ceremonies of the Holy Roman Empire. It stored the imperial regalia - including imperial crown, orb and sceptre, sword, cross and holy lance - between 1424 and 1796 ; these items are now housed in the Hofburg, Vienna.

Beautiful Fountain

A replica of a late 14th century drinking water fountain with stunning decoration, 19 metres tall.

Its 40 colourful figures represent the world view of the Holy Roman Empire. These are philosophy, the seven liberal arts, the four Evangelists, the four Church Fathers, the seven Prince-electors, the Nine Worthies, Moses and seven Prophets.

The original fountain has been housed in a museum in Nuremberg since 1903.

The city was the centre of the Germain Renaissance in the 15th and 16th centuries. It has plenty more to offer: stunning gothic churches and sculpture, a large castle, Duerer's house and museum, massive town walls.....

..... plus beers (200 breweries), sausages, pencils (Stadetler, Faber-Castell), gingerbread.....

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