Northern Exposure

By Northern

Way out West

Down at the Last Chance Saloon in Dodgy City, there's been a murrrrder!

Marshall T Potts was done down by a devious arrangement of shotgun and string when he opened the door of an unused bedroom upstairs in the saloon. Whilst down below the assembled company were gathered for a party in his honour.

The murrrderer was in the room.

Who was it?

How did they do it?

And why....?

Sorry, can't tell you! (Just in case any of you decide to host a murder of your own. That would spoil the fun.)

I can tell you however that there were many suspects and the murderer played their part very well and confused most of the party, including the deputy sheriff Wyatt Twerp (above left).

Thankfully General Custard (above right) along with the Souix chief Lowerwatha solved the mystery after an evening of much scandal, intrigue and hilarity. They are going off tomorrow morning for a celebration at the Little Big Horn. I do hope they don't fall out!

On a slightly different note - does anyone think our eldest son has maybe watched too many episodes of Laurel & Hardy?

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