Pleasance Courtyard roof tiles

After work tonight we popped up to the Pleasance Courtyard for two stand-up shows: (1) Tom Binns and (2) Carl Donnelly. Both performances were very good. While we were waiting to go into the second show I noticed how pretty these roof tiles were looking in the sunshine. I also noted the different decorations on the top of the stone window surrounds. There's probably a technical term for these, but I don't know what it is. Any ideas blippers?

Earlier in the day I took a late lunch hour to see Mitch Benn's Don't believe a word, which was excellent. New research students would benefit greatly from attending his show. His routine included a great song about logical fallacies.

I also hoped to see my second cousin Ellie again today. She left her sunglasses here last night and meant to call in and collect them before her long drive home to Somerset. However, she got distracted by something far more exciting in St Andrew Square and forgot to make her visit. There is some wonderful family news that has been blipped by Ellie's mother TBay.

Exercise today: Fringe stomping.

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