such, such were the joys.

By Chaps100


This is my sister and today she decided to take me to the cinema. Partly because I had a free ticket. but I suppose it's the thought that counts.

We went to the flicks in Chichester, the popcorn's a bit pricey but the atmosphere's lovely; and it does it's job. 22 Jump Street was showing and - as fans of the first film - we had to go and see it. And it didn't disappoint. Some of the laughs were a bit cheap though, but compared to the first film, it was equally as good. The only thing which I felt ruined it was the fact that they mapped out the rest of the films in the credits, which either means that they aren't making anymore or they're going to strictly stick to what they've said.

All in all though it was a nice evening and it was lovely to spend some time with my sister. She works for the RNLI on Littlehampton beach - and they don't stick very well to their contracts. I'm sure that my sister should process a complain or something; but that's a different story...

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