River of Flowers

By doffy

"Dream House" Menai Bridge, Anglesey

A grey day today, scuppering my plans for a visit to a beach which requires a blue sky! Parked the car in Menai Woods then walked down to the Straits. It started raining but the leaf canopy acted like a large umbrella. Continued along the Belgian Walk, taking photos along the way.

Under the suspension bridge I had a chat with a recently graduated Ocean Scientist called Henry, he is so fond of Anglesey that he's trying to get a job in Menai Bridge town.

For some strange reason my attention was drawn to this beautiful little house currently used as someone's shed, I think! It is literally a stone's throw from the bridge and the Straits, the perfect location - it wouldn't need much furniture or cleaning either!!

Lunch with the Tuesday Gang, then grocery shopping. Bumped into my good friend Merville who was also thinking that a walk round Menai Bridge sounded good.

Apologies to everyone for my slowness in commenting and replying, don't seem to be spending much time indoors :-((

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