Plimsolls and petticoats

By JulieMorrison

Fergus' play date

I still have the cold so mummy let me sleep on daddy's side of the bed after my 3am feed. Daddy returned me to my crib at 6am when be came to bed so I demanded fed but all I really wanted was a mummy cuddle which I got after a bottle of milk from daddy.

Mummy and I went to my friends house for a play date today it was good fun, Isla has done of the same toys as me and I got to show off my tummy time skills.

Afterwards mummy and I headed to meet Jillian at Braehead although I normally hate shopping Jillian made it much better. She offered to buy me a bear but I wasn't that impressed by them I did however quite like the big gruffalo Jillian made it eat my toes which made me giggle lots.

Daddy's on night shift again tonight but he did give me my bath before going to work, I wonder if I can sneak into mummy's bed again tonight.

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