Elementary error

This is a more or less emergency photograph. I took several other photographs which did not include a dolphin. When I got them on to the computer I discovered they were all out of focus. I almost invariably use auto focus (and did so today) as I am hopeless at focussing manually. The camera must have found something on which to focus in those shots, but it certainly was not what I was pointing the camera at, or thought I was.

This dolphin, called "Poppy" for a fairly obvious reason is to be found at the garden of the Gordon Highlander Museum. I also made a visit to Johnston Gardens which have appeared in several of my postings in the past. I think they have allowed the vegetation in the pond to become rather overgrown. There are a few ducks around but they hardly have room to move. The water is still very cloudy, I wonder if that is something to do with the excessive amount of vegetation. The rest of the Garden is as well maintained as usual.

Before a visit to the supermarket I stopped off for a coffee at the Park Cafe in Hazlehead Park. The cafe, which opened only last year, is flourishing in the sunny weather. Unfortunately in addition to the coffee I am afraid I succumbed to the temptation of a slice of chocolate cake. It would have taken a lot more walking than I managed to eliminate the impact of that moment of sinfulness.

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