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By nzredhead

Mono Food

Thank goodness for Mono Monday saving the day with it's themes. Today's theme, thankfully chosen by West Coast Bob, was food. These are my Mum's teeny tiny mandarins that are, FYI, freaking delicious. I doubted they would be given their smaller size, but you know what they say, good things come in small packages :D

Today was somewhat interesting with my boys having surgery. Sebastian was up and out of the house for his by 0630! Madness. And Charlie, same time but different location. Both doing as well as can be expected :)

I was hoping to have a photo of the supermoon but sadly with the chaos that has taken over my house of the last couple of days, topped off with the super cloudy sky, I do not see it happening :( I am sure there will be another over the coming years :)

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