Too Much of a Good Thing

Southern-born and bred
I may be, but too much sun
brings me lethargy!

Not the best haiku I've ever penned, but it expresses how I feel about what seems like a very long run of hot sunny days!

I had a meeting late morning today to do a final review of the September 5 program for the Whatcom Symphony Orchestra, and by the time I was driving home, the temperature was 88 F / 30 C. That's not nearly as hot as some of you endure all summer, including my Seattle blip friends who experienced a record-breaking high of 96 F (35.5 C), 20 degrees F above normal today, but for me, the heat here was too much.

I'm ready for some rain! I do hope it begins gently, as the ground is baked so hard that if we had a thunderstorm, the rain would just run off, and there is concern that lightning strikes could start more wildfires, as the vegetation is so dry. The eastern part of our state has borne the brunt of those fires, including the largest wildfire in the state's history -- 250,000 acres, about 40 miles long -- now close to being contained.

Our hanging basket of flowers on the front porch is still blooming, but not like it was earlier this year. I hope that some cooler weather will revive it -- and me!

Blip 1006

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