An Unkindness of Ravens

By Nevermore

You great galah...

Just practising my strine; after 17 years here, I am still occasionally caught out by phrases I haven't heard before – not to do with galahs mind you, but, for example, a friend said recently that someone was a "ring in" at a party and I was a bit stumped by what she meant. It is: "a person or thing that is not normally a member of a particular group; outsider (Australian & New Zealand, informal)".

This galah (rose-breasted cockatoo) came visiting the deck this morning. I don't think I have blipped a galah before, as they are usually ground feeders and always fly off when I approach them. I have never seen one on my deck before either, though there are often two or four feeding on the grass in my garden.

Taken through the kitchen window.

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