Plymouth Fireworks Competition

A couple of disasters today.

Firstly we arrived at our pre-booked campsite this evening to be told that they had the booking for yesterday and had cancelled it as a 'no show'. They did find us a space but I was annoyed later to find that the internet booking was definitely confirmed for the dates I thought. Unfortunately the office were then closed so I will march in brandishing the evidence tomorrow

Secondly, I took a rather nice picture of some cows with the sunset behind them. I had set up the shot by enticing the cows over with a handful of grass and was rather pleased with the shot. Later (before downloading them) we went to see the fireworks competition in Plymouth. Out of pure habit, I then formatted the card before taking pictures. Only later did I realise that I had wiped my cow pictures :-(

So the fireworks will have to do. They were pretty amazing. Of the three teams, we thought the second display was best although they all had highlights.

I may try the same trick with the cows tomorrow but don't know if they will fall for it again.

Never mind, CoffeePotter tells me we have won £100 in the village 100 club this evening.

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