By davidc

The roofing man is coming...

We love our 110-year-old house but an ageing roof can have its drawbacks. The other day during heavy rain I switched on a light fitting beneath this ceiling and "Poof!" the circuit-breaker tripped and we were plunged into darkness. Water had trickled into the loft, across the ceiling and down into the light fitting.

So currently there is a dish under the leak as you can see. The roofer inspected it today and says it's a problem with the flashing; he'll come and fix it next week.

(In case you think we don't know about loft insulation, there is usually 6" of Rockwool here, but we had to lift it to find what was going on!)

One of the good things about an old house is that they didn't skimp on the size of the beams - the ones in the photo are pretty impressively chunky!

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