By davidc

Mono-Monday "Connection" - Totem Pole

This totem pole has graced our house for the last 12 years, since our 2nd son made it for his Art GCSE project. (He is the son who is now a mathematician - they say that artistic and maths talent often go together!) When I saw the subject for this week's Mono-Monday, I just HAD to blip it!

We had been on holiday in Canada the year before and our son had studied the history and meaning of totem poles.

The upper third of this pole represents Connection in the form of Transport - you'll notice the bike pedals and bike mudguard, and the castors, and the objects on top are a car fuel pump and a car horn.

The centre section represents Connection in the form of Entertainment (the artist connecting with the audience) - including a cassette player, headphones, a PC motherboard (good for gaming), a video cassette, etc.

The bottom section represents Connection in the form of Communication - with mobile phones (quite large in those days!) and assorted electronics from communication devices.

I have to admit that my only roles in the production of the totem were in allowing access to my junk box, and acting as "structural engineering consultant" (ie working out how to make it stand up). The art teacher did not believe that it would stand up so we proved him wrong...it is still standing 12 years later, and survived a car journey from school - although it does now have a slight list to port!). Oh, and adorning it with a set of fairy lights was my idea as a joke one Christmas - but we liked them so they stayed there :)

Best viewed Large.

Thanks again to WetcoastBob for hosting Mono-Monday this month.

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