Tuesday Textures - Free Food

My generous husband bought me a new lens for my camera. It's a standard 50mm Olympus lens just like the one he uses most of the time. When I got my camera (another present from Igor when I retired) it came with a standard zoom lens which goes from 24mm to 100mm and that's been the lens I've most used over the last two years. Igor has been singing the praises of his prime lens with it's maximum aperture of f1.8 and I must admit he's taken some great shots with it. I've never had a camera that didn't have a zoom and I don't have all the knowledge that comes from having used a film camera. I think this will teach me a lot about perspective in particular and about photography generally.

So I've traded in my zoom lens for the duration and I now have to get on with trying to get some good shots with this one. I almost failed today (long story) but if you know me at all you know I'm not one to give up on a challenge and certainly not at the first hurdle. Here's my first shot.

We went to the community dump today to get rid of some old fittings from the shower room. As we were waiting in the queue to get in I spotted these blackberries in a hedgerow. I got out and picked them while Igor did the dumping. I love free food. Before too long these will be in a crumble together with apples from our garden. I tried to convey their texture and juiciness in this image.

I forgot to add that my camera looks stunningly beautiful with the perfectly proportioned 50mm lens on it. It's worth keeping just for that!!

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