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By magi

End of Species

So many thoughts in my head and not quite sure were to start - I guess the usual way is at the beginning. Yesterday, we were sent an email about a show on climate change, overland travel from Australia to Germany and Darwin, which sounded rather intriguing. After some arrangements with friend and neighbour we went to the show tonight.

End of Species

My reasonably high expectations were far exceeded - Richard Pettifer is a very gifted speaker. The monologue is divided into three interlinking themes as promised. All themes provide food for thought. However, what I liked best was the fact there were no distractions - a monologue by itself is very focused. No visual aids get in the way, no disruptions. A good hour of stimulating talk with no excuses not to listen.

After a short break there was a discussion led by colleague Stephan Matthiesen. There was little controversy which is probably not surprising giving a fair number of the audience came from the School of GeoSciences. The lack of controversy is probably a good thing since that reflects our current scientific understanding even though the media might suggest otherwise. Still, I had the feeling there was a certain amount of preaching to the converted. Nevertheless, there were some good points raised - the main one being that climate science is very well supported by empirical evidence. Stephan did a great job.

Afterwards drinks were inevitable. Unfortunately I didn't manage to have a chat with Richard. I still think that global climate change is a sideshow - it might well destroy us but the solution lies in serious change of our society. Unfortunately, I struggle to see how this change can be effected.

Anyway, many thanks to ASCUS, the arts and science collaborative. The show was held in a fantastic location I wasn't aware of before. In short, a highly recommended show for many reasons.

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