My Other Life

Sometimes I feel like I lead two lives. I don't like this feeling. But it's there. An unfortunate reality of my previous life.

Today I am in my old home town. Dinner with my youngest, always a great pleasure. But it means I have to leave my other, newer, life for a while.

This is the view from my other house ("home" would give the wrong impression even though sometimes I still think of it as that, just a little). The city is starting some construction on the street to rebuild sewers, etc. This explains the orange plastic fences on the street. And the piles of gravel.

But at 7 pm, there is no work being done and I am quite comfortable sitting out here. It has just rained and there has been thunder in the background. But nothing serious. The traffic sounds are muted but at times a little sharper because of the wet roads. The air smells delicious of the new dampness.

And the colours all around are so wonderfully saturated. I think this image is a little too saturated but not far off what I sense as I review it.

Dinner with only my daughter was a very nice experience. My son and his gf are usually here too and I love that but without them, Tessa and I could talk without all the interference and energy that Joel & Gwen bring to the room (as lovely as that is!).

Now that she has gone on home, I've decided to spend some time out here on the front porch reading and reviewing some pictures and more latterly adding some "stuff" to my diary. I don't write in it as much as I used to. I don't have the same needs as I used to. But once in a while, even now, I still like to update things.

Tonight there was some musing over my kids, living in KW (my old life), I did a drawing of the view from here (not what you see in this image!) - drawing is not a natural thing for me, but I am giving it a try now and again and am a little surprised at what I see come out of my pen - especially if I don't actually think too much about it.

And of course Karin reads these entries of mine and I know she's going to be very keen to know what else I was writing about. She'll hear (that it was not so much) but the rest of you lot will just have to wonder :D

It is nearly 8pm. The rain has stopped. I'm going to have to head off to catch my train home in a bit. But first, I think I need to top up that glass you see in the corner of the image ;) ;)

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