same day, different shit

...finally, the prophecy comes true: this time, there is no spoon.

BTW I mean not to disgust people but last year my first blip was of (I thought) a discarded spoon in this very spot although after I had uploaded the picture I noticed a dog dropping in the background so today I thought I might see if there was another spoon or another dog dropping in the same place so that I could apply the above phrase.

Thank for the response to yesterday's post. The words were the usual written-as posted stuff apart from the collation of the stats but I thought of perhaps copying that scene about a month ago and have thus been paranoidly praying that none of the other 365ers people would think of the same thing.

I'll try not to go round doing exactly the same stuff as last year (though I might attempt to recapture what could not be captured nicely due to crappyphonecam) as that would get boring after a few years. Might post a few significantly-changèd things as links though...

I would have liked to get a shot from exactly the same position at exactly the same fov-equivalent-focal-length as last year's version but (a): I don't have time as we're heading out for eat and (b): as I no longer have a swingy-outy LCD viewfinder to get that same shot without resorting to (b1): trial and error or (b2): lying on a wet, shitty pavement and looking through the viewfinder sideways I'd have to dig a small pit for my chin to rest in. This, I feel, is close enough.

I might make July 25th the Annual Aren't-they-a-bunch-of-filthy-buggers-down-Gilmour-Street? day but would probably miss a year sooner or later due to holidays.

Week half-gone. Khushi's for tea. HAPHAP.

The next morning...
Hmmm. Not as impressed with that as I was the second time there (when they were in the former Wok Bar premises on Potterow) which was again not as impressive as my first visit when they were in Drummond Street. Maybe it's just that I've been to Ann Purna and Kalpna since last going there where everything tasted exceptionally fresh and came in perfectly-sized portions. Maybe it's that those two places are both veggie, thus making the meaty Lamb Karahi seem a little swampy and fat in comparison. In any case whilst it's a nice building (though I preferred it as Byzantium) and probably ideal for large groups the food is now only around the level of Chilli Connection and (despite eating nothing after noon yesterday) I still feel slightly full twelve hours later. A shame.

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