In Two Minds

What I love about her face
is the mystery it holds

What I hate about holds
is how it hangs on to secrets

What I love about secrets
is how they seek to protect us

What I hate about us
is how selective we can be

What I love about be
is how it lives in the now

What I hate about now
is how abruptly it’s gone

What I love about gone
is the space that it leaves

What I hate about leaves
is how they desert the trees

What I love about trees
is how they put a smile on her face

What I hate about her face
is the mystery it holds

This poem structure is copied from a poem by Roger McGough called 'In Two Minds' from his book 'Everyday Eclipses' published by Penguin Viking in 2002.

I'd be pleased to see your own versions in my comments section and, if you didn't contribute already, to Take A Seat. Thanks).

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