By CoffeePotter

Baby Thrush?

I’m not sure if this is a young thrush or not. Whatever it is, it’s certainly young, but it may be something other than a thrush. Hopefully someone will let me know.

I did my normal trick of Googling it to see. "Baby Thrush". Up popped hundreds of photos of babies with spots in their mouths, poor wee mites. We definitely do not have lots of babies suffering from fungal infections sitting in the garden. If we did have, they could maybe have company of the "poppy heads" of Wednesday!

The little bird was just sitting on the edge of what had been the platform, staring at the lawn. We thought he may be injured, but suddenly the pooches appeared from nowhere and charged towards him. At least the dog-charge proved that the youngster is capable of flying!

We managed a Skype session today – not normal for a Friday, but our son said he’d call us when he arrived home from work, which would be between 12 noon and 1pm our time ( 8pm to 9pm in Taiwan).

He did call us, but there were so many adults and children in his sitting room, that he couldn’t hear us. He said he arrived home from work to find about 20 pairs of shoes of varying sizes outside the door. It is extremely impolite over there to enter someone’s home without removing your shoes first and leaving them outside. Some smaller more remote shops are still like that too, and also, places such as swimming pools.

We knew all of his visitors, so it was nice to see them and to have a chat, and also to watch all of the children (aged from 15 months to 5 years) dancing to music that they had playing in the room. It was bedlam! Anyway, he will try to call us again tomorrow when they have fewer visitors.

Tonight being Friday it is traditionally “Huff Night” in these parts, but our usual fellow Huffers (a few non-Blippers plus LooseCanon and Technophobe) are all absent, so we may just have a little Huff on our own. I even received an email from France today, from a couple of friends who live nearby to us, wishing us “Happy Huff to you”.

So, Happy Huff to one and all, and see you on Saturday.

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