Be careful what you say!

Went out this evening to do some 'light weeding', and discovered the flower-bed and stony front garden quite squelchy in one corner, not to say flooded. The people who lived here before had obviously laid some sort of membrane upon which they spread little stones and, in places, dumped piles of soil. (There were bits of wall and bricks in the soil that I dug out years ago when we first moved my parents in here.) However, the membrane (which I guess is/was semi-permeable) must've got clogged as rainwater isn't draining through.

Pulling up tufts of grass and so on, I got splashed all over with thick mud. Ugh! But I carried on for as long as I and my sciatica could stand it. After that, I thought poking a fork through at intervals might help - hoping it'll let the water drain without allowing weeds to come through too easily (though they already do). So ... as I poke around with my fork I say to myself, "It's like a flipping pond!" At this point, right on cue, out pops a frog. I nearly jumped out of my skin! Then I couldn't stop laughing. QED or wot?!

And before anyone asks, no, I didn't kiss him! ;-)

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