1 Day Older

By nzredhead


Had a lovely day as a family and with MLSF who is down for another visit ^.^ We had a great morning visiting the Lyttelton Market, then divided and went to separate places. The boys went to a family gathering and MLSF and I went to find some stuff and things.

A brief visit to The Tannery, then into the Cathedral Square to look at the New Zealand National Geographic Photographer of the Year finalists. Some of the most beautiful images I have seen and MLSF is lucky enough to work for one of the photographers *envy*! It was stupidly cold in town and somehow I thought going to Godley Head would be warmer. Clearly I have a screw or two loose.

It is lambing season and they are sooo cute and fluffy and I want to touch them. But not eat them. Just feed them because they are so cute when they wiggle their tails.

Ooo and yesterday was my blip birthday! Yay me!

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