2011 photo resolution

By karenanya

Hairy Hornet-mimic Hoverfly

Set off for the station on the bus as usual but arrived at the station to find huge numbers of people milling around and no trains. A person had been hit by a train at Slough and everything was halted - probably for at least two hours. I managed to text a friend who also commutes to warn her and then headed back to the bus stop. I started working at home and then decided that I was probably best staying there - trains didn't return to normal until after lunchtime.

It did give me the opportunity to get outside into the garden for a few minutes at lunchtime. I spotted this large (male?) hornet-mimic hoverfly on the hemp agrimony by the pond and watched it for a few minutes before I went to find my camera. It was quite windy so getting a sharp shot was interesting. I quite liked this head on shot where you can see the halo of hairs on the body.

Another advantage of the unexpected day working from home was that I was able to set off to Sheffield at least 90 minutes earlier than I would have done otherwise. The heavy rain and black skies followed me North. I arrived at son number one's flat at about 9.30 and was pleased to see him, have a quick chat and then inflate his airbed.

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