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By shotlandka


I have to say, the Doctors did seem very relaxed facing off with a rather rude Dalek at Cineworld this evening! I wasn't there to watch Dr Who on the big screen, though plenty of people were, but I loved the Dalek banter - 'Make way for the superior species and you are blocking a fire escape', 'You need a haircut', and 'Why are you wearing fur in the middle of summer?' being just a few of the wonderful statements, someone was having just as much fun behind the scenes as the audience was! When I arrived at Cineworld to pick up tickets and wait for friends, the Dalek was corralled behind a Tensabarrier, quite a brave decision for the organisers I thought, though it turned out to be less foolhardy than I had thought as they were waiting for the repair man to arrive. I have to admit it's the first time I've seen anyone fixing a Dalek! Once he'd got it going, it had great fun skiting around the foyer at quite a speed and insulting the Glesga public, who were loving it!

Callum news - he had his first bath tonight, and absolutely loved it!

Otherwise more saying goodbye and packing...

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