An Ikonic Adventure

By IkonBrisbane

You're gonna hear me ROARRR!

A huge thanks to Chris and Maddy from SCA for taking some of the Ikon crew out to the AFL on Sunday. It was a ROAR besides the fact that the Lions got #assaulted (you had to be there) 90-something points to 40-something points.

Over-heards for the day consisted of:

"I don't know any of the rules to this game."
"Hit the showers mate."
"Is there lube on the ball? Everyone is dropping it."
"I used to drink goon sack and coke all the time."
"We are 47 goals behind - oh wait I mean points."
"She probs shouldn't be eating that."

Lots of laughs, beers and Jenga tumbles (post-game) were had and we couldn't have enjoyed it more with anyone else!

Thanks again SCA!

Luv Ikon xoxo

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