Mono Monday: Recycling - The Yellow Robot

Well, of course being Mono Monday, he's not appearing here in all his daffodil yellow glory. I've often thought of blipping him and today's MM theme being recycling, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. He is, of course, made entirely of recycled materials and greets people on arrival at the Nelson transfer station and recycling centre in Tahunanui.

I've just returned from watching the production of the stage musical Oklahoma! that's currently touring New Zealand. Immy didn't want to come with me, so I went by myself (which didn't worry me unduly, in view of the ticket price!). This was the first musical from which I learnt all the songs, at the age of 13 or 14. My mother had the LP of the soundtrack as well as those of My Fair Lady, Gigi and The King and I, to name but a few, but Oklahoma! was the one that appealed to me the most. I found the songs highly entertaining, so I recorded them onto an audio cassette and took it to boarding school with me - I think my friends found this rather eccentric. But, until this evening, I had never seen the show, so it was great fun to be able to finally sing along in my head! An added attraction was that Christina had made one of the aprons worn in it (she told me which one afterwards!) as part of a few hours' work experience a few weeks ago.

The show was good, but one thing I found irritating was that the actor playing one of the female leads, Ado Annie, was too old for the part. The character is supposed to be a silly, flirtatious young girl, and all the rest of the young women, including the lead character, Laurey (Tizane McEvoy), were played by actors in their 20s which made it very obvious that 'Ado Annie' was not. The actress in question, Ali Harper, is one of NZ's biggest musical theatre stars. She has recently played Donna in Mama Mia! - a role far better suited to her age. There's certainly no denying her considerable talent, but I can't imagine why the director thought it would be a good idea to put her on stage with a group of young women dancing in their petticoats in one scene - she looked like a lean, 40-year-old woman who goes to the gym a lot, beside all those bouncing, 20-something-year-old bods (it's OK, I can say that as I am even older and would have looked much worse!) Maybe it was felt that her name on the billing would be a big drawcard (Dancing with the Stars winner, the handsome Australian Stefano Olivieri, plays opposite her as Will Parker), but I'd have given the role to a rising star, for authenticity's sake.


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