... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Goosles in the Grasses

Calmer (Mrs.) & more protective (Mr.) in large ("L").

This is the Goosles on typical form: Mrs. (front) is perky but calm, and Mr. (behind) is agitated and being protective... Mrs. is still looking rather dishevelled as she hasn't finished moulting.

I visited the Goosles this morning and found them off the island for the first time in a few days (well, I'm sure that they'd been off the island, but I hadn't seen them off it...); Mr. seems particularly agitated at the moment and doesn't stop fussing which seems rather tiring. Mrs. honks very gently to reassure him, but it has little effect. They looked particularly sweet in the long grasses on the mound behind Eagle Pond.

p.s. It was drizzling when I took this, hence the speckled background...

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