Delft Blue Street Art

Looking for my appointments address I drove into a dead end street by mistake and accidentally found a building full of Delft Blue street art I had never seen before.

Despite the fact that I was already running late I quickly went inside to ask what the story was why they had painted their complete building with these Delft Blue tiles.

The told me it was done by a Haarlem born artist called Hugo Kaagman and they simply liked his modern look at Delft Blue. They had to smile when I told them that I do something similar with photo's and showed them my online photo pages.

They gave me Hugo's website address and I already tried to contact him today.
He's a Dutch Street Art pioneer, doing spraycan art and stenciling since the late 70’s.

If you look at his site you'll see that he did loads of stencil art projects for a long time, strange I had never heard of him before. But maybe it was an omen that I took the wrong turn into the dead end street and found this lovely stuff.

Just gotta meet this guy!

To see the complete building click here and choose the 4th tab 'Bootzeil"

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