By dsparks83


It's 18 years since I've been to Wembley*, 20 for a rugby league game**, it's changed a bit in that time. Gone are the two towers, instead it now sports an iconic arch that keeps the roof up. It's a nice stadium, everything you'd expect from a modern stadium, I don't think there's much you can say beyond that, it's got seats, good facilities, the food and drink is overpriced.
Early on we met up with a few of my dad's friends near Victoria and found ourselves another wetherspoons, then took a nice bus ride and a train to the stadium. I like taking the bus through London instead of the tube, you get to see a bit more.

I thought it might be strange to watch the game as a neutral, we'd bought tickets for my dad's birthday before Widnes lost in the semi finals. So we took to supporting the underdogs (under-cats?) of Castleford Tigers. Sadly it wasn't to be their day and Leeds won. That at least meant we weren't walking out of the stadium as dejected as we would have been had we just watched Widnes come up short in the final.
All in all a great day out and a much smoother trip home afterwards, maybe we'll be back down next year to watch Widnes - I'm not holding out a lot of hope though.

*Aston Villa - Leeds Coca Cola cup final - we won
**Widnes - Wigan - challenge cup final - we lost

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