By cezzysblu

...and so the brave knight

..and so the brave knight climbed to the top of the tallest tower in the castle and so clutching his magic sword... he plummeted to a painful death.

you too can re-enact this scenario,as follows:

put two ready made chocolate puddings or soufles; the sort that come prepared in glass ramikins, placed onto a metal baking tray with no edges(this is important),and into an oven on a low to medium heat.

allow to heat for 10 to 12 minutes while you wait in scarce-hidden anticipation.. perhaps setting the oven timer to signal when the chocolate guzzling is to begineth.

upon the time of the 10th minute be reached allow a twelve year old child to retrieve the deserts on the tray from the oven using only one hand in an oven glove.

performed correctly will see the glass ramikins desperately trying to slide around and off the tray eventually flinging themselves and the total of their contents off and over the floor.

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