Anna and Henry

By AnnaandHenry

Family portrait

My sister Charlotte and her fiancé Tom came to pick up Issy today - and my cats are very grateful! Issy is very confident and inquisitive and immediately became "top cat". Mitch is still hiding behind the sofa so Claude and Mimi aren't at all threatened by him. He's only come out to have a massive crap on the carpet so far today, but that's my fault for moving the litter tray and not showing him where it was.

In other news I had an interview today which I thought went well - then they called me an hour later to offer me the job! I start next week and I'm really excited about it. I start my other job on Wednesday (well just paperwork and learning to use the computer system then first surgery on Friday) and I'm getting a bit nervous but I'm sure I'll be fine when I get going. I'll be doing 2 days a week at each place so I still get a day off with Henry.

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