Living Room

Not much sleep and a 6:54am train back through to get showered & ready for my 10am interview at WoodMac.

I was tired but pretty happy about the whole affair. First proper outing of new suit, shirt, tie, cufflinks & shoes. Taxi up to Semple Street.

Planned 30-45min interview with Richard turned into 1.5hrs. It was actually quite enjoyable. Didn't feel like I made an arse of anything, felt comfortable and relaxed. Richard is a good guy, I worked with him briefly at Scottish Widows a few years ago. Anyway, I left about half 11 and came back down the road.

Walking about Leith in a suit makes you feel like a celebrity or perhaps notorious. More likely you're on your way to/from a court appearance. Either way, I felt good.

Picked the kids up, came home. They got their new pencil sets that I thought it was about time they got as they've been making do with a right ragtag bunch of shit pencils & pens for years. We kinda ran them into the ground. A sharpener each and a couple of good rubbers each too. They were straight on the internet looking up videos on how to draw certain things.

I liked the ones they made up themselves most of all.

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