Shapes and Shadows Saturday ......

Final week.

I think I mentioned the other day that we went to a birding talk last Friday night.  The speaker (Rick)  talked about several locations in the Lehigh Valley that were good for bird watching.

Today we wanted to check a couple of them so we headed toward Bear Swamp. Rick had said that this location was one of his top picks for bird watching.  Sadly, as with last week, we were not impressed.  We heard some birds but saw only one or two.  

Thankfully the trip wasn't a total loss as there was another of Rick's suggested locations close by.  So after leaving Bear Swamp, we went to Minsi Lake.  There still were not many birds here but at least I was able to get my shapes and shadows Saturday picture.  Although there was very little sun so the shadows will have to be reflections instead.

Better luck next time!  We haven't completely given up on these birding locations and will keep trying until we find one we like.

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