Life is like a river

By Gunnlaug

Sia, my edited version

On my way home from work, and the library, I walked through the center of town.

During Akureyrarvaka last weekend, an artist named Guido van Helten began replacing this wall-art with a new one. His art can also be seen on a few more buildings in Iceland, like Reykjavík, Kópavogur and Vestmannaeyjar, just to name a few .

This girl was a local girl here in Akureyri, called Sia.

My friends from the photography club, ÁLFkonur, have also posted photos today of this splendid piece of work, excellent photos from Kristjana and Agnes. Elfa posted one of the "during" last Saturday.

But the "pimple" on her nose has been bothering me A LOT and that is why I've removed it here in my photo. Just to see what the painting looks like without it. I like it even better now :)

Quiet day at home in the afternoon, just sorting through photos and editing. Backblipping for August has begun.

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