Division Street

...or very nearly Devonshire Street - I'm fairly sure this is where one becomes the other. Had another short break at lunch, so took a wander west of the City Hall with my camera - and to give my mum a quick call. It's a bit more bohemian in that direction, and there was some good street art about. This was a bit of an accidental shot, but I actually quite like it, so decided to make it my pic of the day.

Had our conference dinner at Cutlers Hall this evening. I managed to fit in a quick swim in the hotel pool beforehand, which was lovely. The dinner was great, too - and a really impressive venue. I really wanted to go straight to bed afterwards - it was pretty late already - but stayed up for a quick drink (water, after all the wine at the dinner!) to celebrate my colleague Toni's upcoming birthday. Finally got to bed about 1am - and had to set the alarm for 7:45am. Bleurgh.

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