when you are calm... at peace...

I know that at this time of year I'm supposed to be photographing this year's crop of undignified tourists but this old lady in Cockburn Street caught my eye with her stillness, poise and serenity. She had even moved to the edge of the pavement to alow people to pass by whilst she looked at whatever she was looking at, a rare consideration in any pavement user.

Even if she'd reached slowly down to her handbag, extracted a crossbow and taken out a couple of pigeons from the roof of the council building she could probably have done it with calm, Yodaic dignity. Other old people could probably learn something from her, particularly the forgotten art of looking around them.

I myself have attempted to emulate her calmness by not bothering to use my free evening to nip out for a scuttle hither and yon amongst the towns fashionable Friday-night drunkards to fill up a memory card with things I would probably ignore in favour of the above pic. I have even resisted doing more than two edits (that was the other but she didn't stand out enough) (even though I'm not at all sure about colour-cut-out but had to do something to bring her away from the background) and instead tried to remember which box we put the DVDs in before giving up and playing guitar for a bit.

I'll go out a bit later for some nice night shots just to keep me going.

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