Blipping Along

By BlippingAlong

Flying the flag for the Lewes Arms

We went on a jaunt today, over to Lewes and met fellow blipper Long Slow Distance. It turned into a perfect day... breakfast at Bill's , good stomp on The Downs, lunch at the Lewes Arms, a wander around the town before tea at the Needlemakers. I've come to the conclusion that Lewes is a blippers' paradise for architectural images - I think I may need to return at a later date but may end up treading on Platanos' toes.

In the meantime, my click button on the camera was in overdrive, ending up with lots of photos to chose from. If you check out Long Slow Distance's and Damian's Blips, you'll see that we've chosen The Lewes Arms as the target of today's images...

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