The cold light of day

Ooo-er. Hmmm. Well, it’s like this…The roof just sort of…well…fell in! Weeks ago…

It was a joy to meet up today with fellow blippers loveslupins17, MidgeholeDave, fotojunci and onedavid and spend some time together on a Photovisit to Dalton Mills, an amazing but partially derelict mill complex in Keighley. Big thanks, guys. It was great meet up and enjoy a Photovisit with you. Somehow, though, it was also rather sad to view the demise of a once great and seemingly invincible mill complex, one of Yorkshire’s many and wonderful dark satanic giants. The light in the building was incredible, and the contrast between the warmth of the light from the sunshine on the right hand side of this picture and the cold blue light from the windows on the opposite side was very marked. And yes, the roof had fallen in, and we were on the fourth floor of this enormous mill building viewing the debris that has been left behind! Good that there’s still hope that it can be restored/renovated.
More pictures of the demise of Dalton Mills here

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