shotlandka's weebig world

By shotlandka

The daily commute

It's a tough life, wouldn't you say! To be fair this will seem much less attractive when it's wet and windy, but for those days there's the bus! Had a lovely time cycling to and from work, and lots more grey matter exercise at work, glad it was a quite evening. Tomorrow I try out the local photographic society (none of this common 'camera club' lark, this is Oxford you know!). Will miss QPCC though, a great bunch. In that vein, have a look at these beautiful photos of Scotland from the Guardian by QPCC member Dougie Cunningham, who has now promised me mates' rates when his book comes out!

Callum's lungs are not improving as we hoped, and his hernia will have to be sewn up sooner rather than later as it's growing, but he coped admirably well with another blood transfusion on Sunday night, so he's a wee star. Now well over 7lb, his weed like growing continues, though as he's back on diuretics, that may reduce a wee bit in the short term. Missing him!

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