By Chaos

Picture of Truck with Little Toy Digital Camera

Crazy day.

commute, meetings, work, problems, meetings, commute...

take picture of truck from my car with little toy digital camera...

home: DSL internet connection is down, try cable internet, v e r y s l o w.

Server problems, Dreamweaver is not talking to MySQL, try to troubleshoot, internet connection is v e r y s l o w...

Can't get google Team B spreadsheet to work with Safari or Firefox...

Is Northern on yet? Is Tigraki out there? Flick must be on somewhere.

Help me Mr. Wizard!

Crazy night.

P.S. Today, Saturday, is much better. Internet connection is still down, but got the server working properly and finished my blipfoto project for Flick and Northern, so I feel good about that. Now I better get cracking for today's blip!

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