Meanwhile, at the coast..

By meancoast

The squirrels have left the building......

.....well almost anyway, seeing as their bags are checked in and they're currently in the departure lounge spending their holiday money on duty-free acorns......they're moving 10 miles west up the road to Heaton at the weekend and I've been giving them a bit of a farewell dust-off.

But first off let's get this clear, I really DON'T approve of taxidermy, these stuffed squirrels were 'rescued' when the late hubby was the Energy Conservation Engineer for a nearby local authority about 35 years ago (he was doing a mandatory furnace inspection at a local school, they were on top of a pile of stuff waiting to be fed to the fiery jaws of said furnace, the outcome was inevitable.....he was SUCH a softie;-))

Custodianship is officially being passed over to the firstborn and partner.....I wish them luck with the bottom squizzers tail, it's only attached with a drawing pin and periodically falls off, usually when you're least expecting it.....

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