A view from Bodrum


Today was our second day in Bodrum… We experienced "boat life" last year for one week but this time the boat was very small and the rooms in it quite little to move :-)
There were two rooms in the boat, one is for our daughter and one is for us. The captain and the cabin boy (we call them as "mico") slept out. It isn't a very comfortble way of having holiday, it is a natural life experience actually! :-)
Anyway, we were happy to be able to be on the sea and swim whenever we want…
Our captain was so talkative person… He cooked our meals and he was a good cook at the same time.

My husband want me to get used to live on a boat so that we will buy and live on the boat when he gets retired…. Can I live on a boat for months? We will see…...

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