The fool on the hill

By mooncoin

Dear Driver

Lovely day today wasn't it? There we were batting along in the outside lane in the late summer sunshine, just on the very very legal limit (70mph+10%+2mph+speedo over read discrepancy), nicely spaced out - me following you at a safe distance, you doing likewise with the person in front of you. Oh look, there's a pileup on the opposite carriageway. Oh and you've decided to slow down for a look. Don't slow down - I can tell you exactly what you'll see: some smashed cars; various emergency vehicles with crew; some cones; policemen in hi-vis vests interviewing distressed and bewildered looking members of the public; maybe someone crying and a body bag if you're really lucky (isn't that what you want to see?). And then a great long traffic jam with frustrated people sitting in their cars. But no, you have to just check I suppose - and I'm guessing that now the driver ten cars back from you is stamping on his brakes with his heart in his mouth because all the cars in front have suddenly slowed down for some inexplicable reason. Not worth slowing down for really is it? It's only other peoples' misery you're gorping at.

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