The Gherkin

We're now on holiday!

We finished off the packing this morning, loaded the bikes and cycled up the hill to the station to catch the train. We were are few minutes later than planned and had to go up the hill with more gusto than planned, which isn't so easy with several extra kilos in the panniers and half a dozen Ferraris clogging the village up (CarFest South started today). Anyhow we caught our train to London okay, crossed London in one piece and arrived at Liverpool Street Station where I took this shot of the Gherkin. We then took our two further trains to arrive at Harwich International to take our ferry to Denmark.

Considering the number of trains involved and having to cycle across London, CarFest in the village the only incident today was to lose the magnet for the cadence sensor on my bike computer.

(back blipped...)

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