Spinning in the wind

Today started well, my bike stopped making a noise and we had another good morning cycling. Just before lunch another spoke broke, so we spent lunch on the lawn behind a bike shop while another spoke was installed. The chap in the shop was very nice and quick but charged a fraction more than the first place but did warn me that other could easily go at any time now...

After lunch we redistributed some of the weight, my better half taking a bit extra and I'm now avoiding hard acceleration and breaking. Unlike the UK where our roads are more pothole than road, in Denmark most of the cycle routes and roads are pretty good but even so I'll try to avoid bumps from now on.

This blip is of some wind turbines we passed. They are quite common in Denmark - they generate more electricity per person from wind than the UK does from nuclear... These are the closest ones I could get to so far and at about 30 metres from then you can just hear a faint swoosh, they are silent compared with the road noise of a bike. So far we've seen no piles of chopped birds and bats at the foot of the towers, no blinded or deafened Danes and no Nej posters anywhere. I like them and thing the really big ones enhance the landscape as long as they are in clumps of four or five as they mostly seem to be at the moment.

Our day ended okay when we arrived in Vordingbord with all our tires inflated and all spokes accounted for. My wheel does make an annoying noise though...

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