Meet Mini Bunzini!

When I arrived home on Thursday evening, my husband and I spotted a teenie-tiny bunny in the yard. The bunny was nibbling on the green grass, and when spooked, it would run back under the hedge.

This is the first little bunny we've seen in a while, and we were very excited, as we love our bunnies! I immediately christened the bunny (him? her? who knows!?) Mini Bunzini. :-)

So . . . hello, great big world . . . meet one of the smallest rabbits we've ever seen, Mini Bunzini!

The tune to accompany this picture . . . I wanted it to be something with the word little in the title, as this rabbit is quite small.

And the song tells how I feel about all of our yard creatures, but the baby bunnies in particular. Here is Queen, with Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

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